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Seeking a more personalized, in depth experience? Then the individualized coaching program is perfect for you. With a combination of cutting edge psychological techniques individual coaching gives you a fast lane to the creative life you are looking for.

Individualized sessions can be used to work with everything that creates stress, lack of motivation or confusion in your creative work, taking you back to empowerment, peace and true engagement.

In the individualized sessions we work with:

  • Habit formation

  • Healing creative traumas

  • Stress Reduction

  • Breathing techniques for calm and energy

  • How to reduce distractions and start focusing

  • Emotional tolerance and cultivating acceptance

  • And much more!

    In the sessions I use a blend of perspectives, relying mainly on cognitive and behavioural techniques as well as meditation and "spiritual perspectives. I offer both shorter (1-3 sessions) and longer (4-16 sessions) ways of working together.


My credentials are:

  • Five year master in clinical psychology

  • 25 years of experience in playing music, releasing two records, touring large parts of Europe and Japan

  • Have written two poetry collections and one non fiction book

  • Teaching at the University of Stockholm

  • Leading a large number of groups through intellectually and emotionally challenging processes with great results

  • And much more!

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