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Welcome – your journey starts here!


Thanks so much for taking the step to join this space of trust, warmth and acceptance. A few days before the course start you will receive an email with all the practical details. For now, just welcome yourself, take a mindful paus and think of something that makes you smile :)

A few practical things are worth mentioning right away:

– All exercises and meetings will be streamed live on Zoom.

– Make sure you have a place where you can be quiet and feel relatively safe

– Wearing comfortable clothes during the sessions will help you relax and enjoy the exercises more. Stiff jeans off and sweatpants on! :)


To fully secure your spot on the course, use the form below to pay for the course. If you want an invoice instead, send and email to​​

Disclaimer regarding mental health issues:

The course is primarily suited for people that are mentally healthy or suffers from mild forms of depression or anxiety. If you recently had trauma, have been admitted to over night psychiatric care during the last year or have untreated PTSD the course is not a good place for you to start healing. If you previously have had mental health issues, have been treated for those and feel reasonably stable today, you are welcome to enroll in the course.

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