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– maximise focus in a distracted world

In the global knowledge economy originality and creativity is rewarded more than ever before. At the same time the average employee is getting worse at the most fundamental skills required to perform at their highest level.

Focus, innovation and curiosity are constantly undermined by distractions and interruptions, costing you both money and employee well beeing:


– The average employee spends 12% of their office time on non work social media.

– The average employee is interrupted every 3,5 minutes.

– Our brains did not evolve for this environment. It takes 23 minutes to regain full focus and perform at the highest level.


Multitasking and information overload has a hidden but huge downside. Productivity decreases, coworkers get stressed and your business misses out on ideas or products that require continous focus and commitment. Luckily, there is a solution to this challenge. Deep Work is a method for developing focused habits that maximize productive zen flow during office hours. Companies who switch to Deep Work report productivity increases of minimum 40%. Let us tell you why.

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The brain takes time both loading and shutting down different modes of thinking. Constant task switching means we run on only half of our mental capacity, because the brain is busy processing stuff that is no longer relevant. Research consequently shows that multitasking and interruptions impair creativity, innovation, motivation and wellbeing. It even lowers our effective intelligence by 10%.


How are we suppose to innovate without all of our brain power online? And what would happen if we truly gave ourselves the tools to use our true potential?


Deep Work is the perfect toolbox for the distracted but creative employee who wishes to get more things done yet feel calm and focused in the process. Deep Work helps your staff make room for continuous blocks of uninterrupted, innovative and meaningful work that brings your organization closer to it’s values. The concept was brought to the public by professor and computer scientist Cal Newport, who used the method to double his own productivity without working longer hours.

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Why a Deep Work

On a Deep Work workshop (available online or live) we kick the habits of unproductive office life once and for all. With the help of science based methods from psychology your employee gets:

- Insight into why the outdated yet normalized way of working creates stress, lowers productivity and decreases motivation at work.

- Knowledge on how to maximize focus and creativity while at the same time feel calmer and more fullfilled.

– Tools for how to work with deep concentration at home

– Exercises to discover and deal with bad habits that lower focus.

- Concrete, simple tools to quickly create a more efficient and joyful work day.

- A six step guide to kickstart your Deep Work process . Your employees and organization get to develop a routine with actionable steps, ready for implementation.

Deep Work takes principles that have inspired top level creative performers for millennia, and gives us tools to apply the principles at the modern day office.

Psychologist Pär Säthil will guide your organization on the quickest path to Deep Work. His work is inspired by modern organizational psychology, brain science and productivity philosophies, as well as his own experiences from the life as a writer and musician. On Pärs workshops your employees will gain a deeper understanding of how the brain works and why it tricks us into working inefficiently. Your employees then gets introduced to the best techniques for prompting the brain back to deep focus.

Pär works with creative and innovative companies, sharing methods to help people optimize their mental performance while still feeling connected and having fun. This is done through a combination of humor, down to earth examples and deep knowledge in science based psychology.

Live or online


Let us help you solve the problem and mazimize workplace motivation. Together we deepen our understanding of how effective work is actually done!

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Sample of

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Incredibly rewarding and inspirational talk at Assar Innovation Arena. Pär Säthil talked about Deep Work and I take a lot of new perspectives back to the office.

– Elin Wedholm, communicator at Volvo

Easy to understand, yet informative, the workshop gave me tools to focus on what’s truly important at work. It also gave me hope that a less distracted work culture is possible. I recommend this workshop for it’s concrete, actionable Deep Work techniques. Thanks for a great lecture!

– Marie Pettersson, teacher

The Brave Creative presented methods that are very interesting, and that I will 100% use. I wish there was time for more of everything, but after the workshop I have really been able to work live and work with the techniques. I am so inspired to do another workshop. The Brave Creative is insanely enriching, interesting and rewarding!

– participant in the Brave Creative Course

I have a six year art degree and has been an artist for a while. How to both be productive and feel good at the same time, and cultivating mental health in my creative process, has never been addressed during my education. After the Brave Creative workshop I realized how deeply I have missed it. Thanks a lot!

– participant in the Brave Creative Course


Previous participants mean score of Pär as a workshop leader

It has been enormously rewarding to gain tools to deal with my creative process. You do not realize how lost you are until you see how much easier creativity can be, without disturbing thoughts getting in the way. The Brave Creative gave me tangible techniques for my continued creative life, as well as a beautiful connection with other course participants. A very rewarding experience.

– participant in the Brave Creative Course

We all at times have negative thoughts that prevents us from achieving what we want creatively. This workshop helped me to become aware of negative patterns and gave me tools to change them to positive ones. A workshop with the perfect balance between theory and practical techniques, thanks!

– participant in the Brave Creative Workshop

I cannot imagine a better workshop. Clear, concrete, eye opening. Pär makes hard topics easy to access and gives us tools that works when we get home. I give the workshop 10/10 every day of the week! <3

– participant in the Brave Creative Course



Whats your next step and how can we serve you?

Happy to hear from you!

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