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Do you long for a life filled with creative action, flow and curiosity? And do you instead find yourself doubting your creative ability, procrastinating or feeling uninspired as you start working? Maybe have you managed to be creatively  productive, but with the price of constant stress, negative self talk or feelings of not being good enough?

Then the Brave Creative feels you. So many musicians, artists, writers, youtubers etc. swing in between inspiration and self-doubt, thinking it’s a price we have to pay to do what we love. Or we get stuck in spirals of distraction and irrelevant tasks instead of doing what we dream about the most.

The Brave creative is here to change that.

With the latest techniques from psychotherapy, psychological research and meditation we want to help you build a life in which you can both thrive creatively and feel good at the same time. Creativity  is an instinct, and the Brave Creative will help you uncover it. We do this by first mapping out and deeply understanding the root causes of creative challenges. We then give you the perfect mix of tools and exercises to do something about it. Balancing knowledge and action we can then move forward to the creative life we are longing for – and never go back to holding back our dreams.

What makes this course unique is it's focus on deeply understanding the psychological mechanisms involved in creative challenges, as well as the broad set of tools we then use to deal with them. This leads to rapid change in all areas of life.

After an online course or live workshop you will:


  • Move with ease and confidence through your creative project

  • Be able to identify the most common traps creating stress and holding you back in your creative life

  • Have a broad set of powerful psychological techniques to deal with self-doubt, lack of inspiration, procrastination, perfectionism and creative blockages

  • Have a deep, first principles understanding of how all creative challenges arise

  • Access all the tools you need to embrace vulnerability in your creative process

  • Learn how to connect with other creatives through your “imperfections”

  • Get to know your true motivation for being creative, and learn how to use it to both be more productive and feel better

  • Know how to deal with modern day distractions, saving all your precious focus for your creative project

The Brave Creative is passionate about helping you get to a state where you’re not just coping, but doing what you dream of while connecting with others with a sense of deep worthiness.



Do you run a creative company, work in creative education or share an office with other creators?

Then the live workshop is perfect for you. Working together students or co-workers can learn all the techniques of the Brave Creative, moving from feeling stuck to creative power.



Pär Säthil is the founder of the Brave Creative as well as a psychologist (five year master), writer and former musician. After struggling with all the issues most artists deal with he started an intense journey looking for answers to what we can do to both thrive and feel good about ourselves as creatives. The inspiration came both from cutting edge psychology and ancient meditation traditions. Combining them turned out to the answer, and now people all over the world are getting to know themselves and their creative output better, moving from doubt to creative action. Read more about the scientific base for my work here (soon to come!).


Through his unique combination of deep psychological knowledge and experience from a professional creative life he helps clients understand their unique challenges, and then guides then to freedom in both creativity and life.



The Brave Creative presented methods that are very interesting, and that I will 100% use. I wish there was time for more of everything, but after the workshop I have really been able to work live and work with the techniques. I am so inspired to do another workshop. The Brave Creative is insanely enriching, interesting and rewarding!

– participant in the Brave Creative Course

I have a six year art degree and has been an artist for a while. How to both be productive and feel good at the same time, and cultivating mental health in my creative process, has never been addressed during my education. After the Brave Creative workshop I realized how deeply I have missed it. Thanks a lot!

– participant in the Brave Creative Course

In the Brave Creative course I’ve been able to access many great tools, that I understand both how to use and why. The Brave Creative is a very well curated and pedagogical course.

– participant in the Brave Creative Course

I cannot imagine a better workshop. Clear, concrete, eye opening. Pär makes hard topics easy to access and gives us tools that works when we get home. I give the workshop 10/10 every day of the week! <3

– participant in the Brave Creative Course

Every fifth year, in some wondrous way, a person appears in my life and gives me keys to locked doors inside of me. Pär is such a person. Heartfelt thanks.

– Rasmus, musician

It has been enormously rewarding to gain tools to deal with my emotional life in my creative process. You do not realize how lost you are until you see how much easier creativity can be, without disturbing thoughts and feelings getting in the way. The Brave Creative gave me tangible techniques for my continued creative life, as well as a beautiful connection with other course participants. A very rewarding experience.

– participant in the Brave Creative Course

We all at times have negative thoughts that prevents us from achieving what we want creatively. This workshop helped me to become aware of negative patterns and gave me tools to change them to positive ones. A workshop with the perfect balance between theory and practical techniques, thanks!

– participant in the Brave Creative Workshop

Doing the course has been an important gift to myself. I gained insight into so many unconsciously destructive behaviours I carried, and got keys to change them, all in an environment that felt warm, clear and safe.


Meeting Pär and the course participants have made me realize both how common these problems are, as well as what we can do about it and how. After the course I have applied the techniques in my working life, and it has helped me a lot.

– Sanna Samuelsson,

ex. editor Bang Magazine & journalist

The best lecture ever presented during the psychologist education.

– students at the University of Stockholm, where Pär taught classes


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