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Are you longing for a deeper sense of connection with people around you? Do you find yourself holding back and doubting relationships instead of surrendering into deep trust? Then “Opening up to love” is the course you have been looking for. In this online workshop series we take a deep dive into all the things holding love back in our lives, learning how to heal, repair and grow. We then learn techniques to open up to true intimacy – with our friends, partners, family and the whole world.

Through the transformative power of the Work (also called Inquiry Based Stress Reduction) we will find a way to let go of our fear of being truly close to people around us. When we map out and learn to question all the beliefs that creates disconnection between ourselves and others a new level of freedom is opened up to us, and we land in a place filled with joy and connection. After using the Work we no longer have to let go of stressful or limiting thoughts. The thoughts let go of us by themselves and leaves our hearts open to fully meet the people we love.


After the course you will be able to:

–    Have closer and more intimate relationships with people around you
–    Be more forgiving with parts of yourself you right now dislike
–    Effortlessly take care of thoughts that creates relational distance, conflict, doubt or fear
–    Surrender to a deep state of trust and belonging

To truly open our hearts we will also use breath work, dancing, sharing, meditation and other practices to help our body integrate and heal. When all parts of our being are activated and heard we can finally receive the wisdom that has been trapped in our thinking mind. Slowly we let our whole system know that trust is possible. When doing that feelings of kindness, compassion and closeness emerges on it's own, without us forcing or making an effort.

Who facilitates the course?

Pär Säthil is a psychologist, writer and meditation teacher. He has over 20 years of experience with meditation and personal growth. Through his company “Wide Awake Psychology” he runs retreats, courses and works with mental training for creative professionals. The last seven years the Work and embodiment techniques has been the core of his own practice and teaching, combining


principles from science based psychology with intuitive and spiritual methods. With humor, warmth and a blend of intellect and intuition he guides participants to a space where we can deeply meet both ourselves and others.

When & how? Six zoom sessions of 2,5 hours starting on Wednesday February 17th 2021. The sessions are held once a week at 18.00-20.30 central European time, 12am-2.30pm American east coast time and 9-11.30am west coast time.

Price? 149 $. Unemployed, senior citizens and students pay 99$. If you have a difficult economical situation I offer additional an discount. Write to and describe your situation, and we will find a price that works for you.

How do i sign up? Fill in the form below and you will recive a confirmation and payment links. The payment links offered are made through one on the worlds leading international payment services and are secure. You can pay with both card, paypal or by an invoice.

Do you have questions or just want to get in touch? Write an email to

Looking forward to travelling with you on this journey to opening our hearts!

I am so grateful to have participated in "Opening up to love" with Pär. I got to meet a depth of myself I did not even know existed before. Incredibly well composed course with therapeutic elements, dance, meditations and other absolutely fantastic exercises. Amazing content and fantastic leader.


During the course I have seen and accessed life patterns I have never been able to change before. Thanks for the magic Pär

- life changing!

Louise, teachers assistant

Wow, what a course! The Work is a fantastic tool for looking more clearly at life and my relationships. Pär guided the group with care and tenderness and created a safe space for courage, vulnerability and playfulness. I did not realize before that one single weekend could feel so transformative. I am really deeply touched with Pär's way of guiding the group through this experience.

Anonymous course participant

The course "Opening up to love" has been fantastic and given me so many insights. I now love the Work as a method method to get to the root of conflicts or deadlocks. Pär is a wonderful, warm and present course leader who guides with great humor and love. The course was such a safe and welcoming space to open up and be vulnerable in. A very healing experience.


Mattias, Breathwork teacher

I laughed all the way home from the course "Opening up to love." Pär holds the group in a unique way and creates a space of openness and acceptance without taking over. We participants got room to do the job and the processes we needed. For me, who often works with my emotions physically and creatively when my head is flooded, it was very liberating to have the breaks of meditation, dance and deep, silent meetings with others.

We had time to stop when needed and the space was empathic and intuitive in every situation. Pär has really thought through what we participants get to experience and how – yet there is a constant flow and openness to what is happening in the present. Everything felt genuine and authentic, I’m so happy this weekend. Pär led us through it all in a calm, humble, honest and playful way. I really hope I get the opportunity to take more courses!

MA, Yoga Teacher

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Disclaimer regarding mental health issues:

The course is primarily suited for people that are mentally healthy or suffers from mild forms of depression or anxiety. If you recently had trauma, have been admitted to over night psychiatric care during the last year or have untreated PTSD the course is not a good place for you to start healing. If you previously have had mental health issues, have been treated for those and feel reasonably stable today, you are welcome to enroll in the course.

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