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Welcome to a day or a series of days where we dive deeper into how people in creative professions can use psychology to both feel better and reach their creative dreams faster. I'm looking forward to meeting you and start questioning old beliefs and creative strategies together. Before we meet, there are a few things I want you to think about and know:

1) During the day/days we'll be asked to challange some of our beliefs around ourselves, our creative process and the way we speak with ourselves internally. This is adventurous and easy for some, and can feel vulnerable to others. My invitation  is that you join the group with an intention of looking a bit deeper into yourself than you would at a normal lecture or seminar.

2) All evercises and workshop events are volentary. You come as a gift to yourself and your creative process. The workshop is for you, not for someone else.

Prerequisites for attending the workshop:

The aim of the workshop is to establish an attitude shift, where we start seeing psychological skills as a fundamental part when exploring our creative dreams. To come prepared I invite you to first watch these two videos. They explain the fundamentals of how all The Brave Creative-sessions work! After that we'll start an exercise that will be the platform for our first session together.


Why creatives need psych-skills:

Creativity is an instinct:


Now it's time to start connect with our creative LONGING, as well as the part of us that keep us from fully living what we long for. Grab a pen and a paper (no computers or smartphone this time, you'll need the paper once we meet) and answer the following three questions:

1. As a child, what was it impossible for you to stop doing?

What made you so engaged you got late for supper, or what drew you in til the point when you felt absolutely absorbed?

2. If today you woke up with the deepest sense of confidence, worthiness and creative curiosity, what would your creative life look like?


If you live the creative life you long for to the fullest, what would you do? How would that feel in your body? What would you look like to other people, seeing you absorbed in the creative actions you love the most?




3. As you bump into creative challenges today, how do you deal with them?


When frustration, fear, boredom, shame or lack of motivation arises, how do you speak with yourself inside your mind?
See if it's possible to become still for a few minutes, and just watch yourself in a creatively challenging situation. Become very concrete when you ask yourself: what's my internal reality like as I face an obstacle on my way to the creative life I long for? 


Congratulations! You've now taken your first step towards an easier, more fulfilling and sustainable artistic life. Once your done, store your paper somewhere safe. Remember to bring it to the workshop, once we meet we'll continue the exploration you just started.

I'm looking forward to seeing you and experimenting, exploring and lauging together. Welcome!

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