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The creative life can be hard. 

This workshop helps us move from feeling stuck to being brave.

What we'll do:

During this workshop we'll explore the psychological mechanisms that underpin creative success and failure. We'll be talking about:

- How to deal with destructive self critisism

- Why all creative blockages can be understood and changed

- How to move though fear and find true bravery

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Because what and how we think can be the difference between giving up or doing what we love.


1. Explore the psychological laws that lead to creative blockages

2. Walk through the best psychological techniques to become a creative wizard :)

3. Do the work: exercises and group activities to make change actually happen!

To go from limitation to bravery we often need to be vulnerable.

For some, this is adventurous and rewarding. For some it might feel unusual or hard to go there.

The goal of the workshop is to find a balance where:

1. You challenge your habits, thinking and emotional patterns.

2. You move in a pace that's right for you, respecting the slowest part of you.

We'll work together to find that balance <3


The soul is kind of slow in it's nature :) To help us prepare for change, your invited to follow these steps before attending:

1. Read and answer the questions below.

2. Read a few pages here and there in my book "Det Lyckliga Geniet".

Scroll down for a few free chapters!


Connect with your creative why


Now it's time to start connect with our creative LONGING, as well as the part of us that keep us from fully living what we long for. Grab a pen and a paper (no computers or smartphone this time, you'll need the paper once we meet) and answer the following three questions:

1. As a child, what was it impossible for you to stop doing?

What made you so engaged you got late for supper, or what drew you in til the point when you felt absolutely absorbed?

2. If today you woke up with the deepest sense of confidence, worthiness and creative curiosity, what would your creative life look like?


If you live the creative life you long for to the fullest, what would you do? How would that feel in your body? What would you look like to other people, seeing you absorbed in the creative actions you love the most?




3. As you bump into creative challenges today, how do you deal with them?


When frustration, fear, boredom, shame or lack of motivation arises, how do you speak with yourself inside your mind?
See if it's possible to become still for a few minutes, and just watch yourself in a creatively challenging situation. Become very concrete when you ask yourself: what's my internal reality like as I face an obstacle on my way to the creative life I long for? 


Congratulations! You've now taken your first step towards an easier, more fulfilling and sustainable artistic life. Once your done, store your paper somewhere safe. Remember to bring it to the workshop, once we meet we'll continue the exploration you just started.


Pär Säthil is:

1. A psychologist, author and former musician

2. An obsessed guy who loves experimenting with how we can be more emotionally whole

1. Released two albums and lived for years as a musician, appearing on Morgonpasset i P3, MTV and touring in Japan

2. Written the book "Det Lyckliga Geniet", the worlds first self help book for artist using the latest sciene of behavioural change.

3. Appeared in swedish television in the documentary "Bluffen Oscar Sia", on Swedish Public Radio (P1) and loads of random magazines.

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I'm looking forward to seeing you and experimenting, exploring and lauging together. Welcome!

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