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Do you run a creative company, work in creative education or share an office with other creators? Then the live workshop is perfect for you. Working together students or co-workers can learn all the techniques of the Brave Creative, moving from feeling stuck to creative power.

The live workshop is usually comprised of 1-2 days with 6 hours of training for each day. I also do 30-90 min inspirational speeches and workshops.


I always  tailor the workshop towards the needs of your group. Common themes to work with are:


  • Procrastination

  • Creative blockages

  • Stress Reduction

  • How to reduce distractions and start focusing

  • How to heal cultural or emotional wounds that stifles creativity

  • How to be vulnerable as a creative


My credentials are:

  • Five year master in clinical psychology

  • 25 years of experience in playing music, releasing two records, touring large parts of Europe and Japan

  • Have written two poetry collections and one non fiction book

  • Teaching at the University of Stockholm

  • Leading a large number of groups through intellectually and emotionally challenging processes with great results

  • And much more!

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